The brand

Made for challenges.

No matter what your next task, we have the right tool for you. More than 10,000 different products in outstanding quality tested millions of times over are included in our range of handicrafts and DIY products. This turns your idea into a very personal success story.

What is the difference? 100 years of experience and the consistent focus on your requirements. Intelligent product details, modern technology and ergonomic designs are brought into line with a price that is surprisingly attractive. With this high demand on our products, we have grown up and our product range became huge. Whether hand, building, painting, gardening tools or machines with suitable accessories. We make your results even better. Every day, reliably, with precision and passion. This makes crafts even more fun.


For 100 years – The tool

Projects change. The precision remains. Tools change. Our precision remains.

Our range of products is made by craftsmen for craftsmen. Since our foundation in 1919 it has been our goal to convince you every day anew with top products and helpful services. We are pioneers and advisors, we are specialists and generalists. We are where you need us to be. For us, everything revolves around your satisfaction. That is why we attach great importance to consistent quality standards, reliability and maximum practicability. We help you to take things into your own hands. It does not matter whether you just want a picture on the wall, want to bring paint to the walls or want to build a pergola out of a few boards.

With LUX-TOOLS you get your projects into shape.