Hand & construction tools

What really counts is your project.

The tool makes the difference. Only the right equipment makes their results even better. With LUX-TOOLS you can work quickly and effectively and concentrate fully on your project. Whether hammer, pliers, tile cutter or laser range finder – everything from a single source. For generations, our product range has been convincing through reliability, quality, and customer proximity. All this at attractive prices. Our product thinking goes beyond, we continue to work on functions, and improved product features in close cooperation with users. We make crafts even more attractive for you. Buy now


Painting tools

Change of scenery made easy!

Discreet or gaudy, elegant or glamorous – however you want to design your rooms; you will find the right painting tool at LUX-TOOLS. From brushes to paint sprayers, we have everything you need to realise your new look quickly and easily.

It is particularly important to us that our products are not only convincing in terms of price, but also in terms of quality. In order to achieve this, we are taking a pragmatic approach: We test our product range under real conditions and meet your requirements every day, millionfold and throughout Europe. You will feel the difference immediately! Ergonomic tools, easy handling, light, robust materials and solid workmanship now make painting even easier. Buy now


Workshop equipment

Perfect organisation with system!

We are passionate craftsmen – fast, precise and with our products at home in the hobby cellars, workshops, garages, gazebos and on the workbenches. We know every move when working has to be perfectly accurate and that organisation is an essential key to success. Nothing slows you down more than the search for the right tool. With our storage and workshop equipment, you keep things organised.

We have everything from tool cases and workbenches to shelving solutions and workshop trolleys to help you improve your very own organisation system for the long term. Safety, functionality and quality always come first – so that you can enjoy a tidy workplace for a long time. Buy now


Garden tools & machines

At home in the garden.

The lawn is too long, the hedge too high – with LUX-TOOLS gardening tools everything is quickly in order. Our selection of useful helpers is huge and always a perfect addition to your green thumb. Whether hedge shears or spades, scythes or lawn mowers, rakes or leaf vacuums – LUX-TOOLS has the right tool for every task, with or without motor, as an electric, petrol or battery-powered garden tool. This gives new impetus to gardening and makes many things easy and durable for you. Buy now


Machines & accessories

Full power!

With our machines, you can also take on the demanding tasks that require not only skill but also a great deal of power. We have a large selection of electric and rechargeable tools that support you powerfully and reliably. No matter, if you are planning large or small tasks, LUX-TOOLS offers everything from cordless screwdrivers to routers for universal and special applications. Since machines are always only as good as the powerful accessories, we also have all accessories ready for you. Optimally coordinated for a perfect result.
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20V battery system

The rechargeable battery platform for home & garden

Wave goodbye to different rechargeable batteries and chargers! The 1PowerSystem by LUX-TOOLS combines all important applications for home and garden into one system. All devices are operated with a single rechargeable battery type. Not only is it practical, it also minimises your purchasing costs. Thanks to the twin power technology and two 20V rechargeable batteries, you can even operate powerful 40V garden machinery! The 1PowerSystem offers you the best features of the new generation of rechargeable batteries. Optimum charging controls, the air tunnel system for battery cooling, a casing design designed to be safe and durable, and high-quality rechargeable battery cells provide optimum reliability, even for complex tasks.
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